Demi Lovato Teases Us With A Ring Pic

Demi Lovato knows her fans hang on her every Tweeted and Instagram'd word, and she treats that responsibility quite seriously. Usually. Except that moment last night when she really teased us with this post, presumably about longtime bf Wilmer Valderrama.

Aren't those the words of love and praise you'd expect to see accompanying an engagement announcement? And there is a little bauble on her ring finger ... even if there are also rings on all the others. But no, we are "crazy" to think this means they're engaged.

If that's not the case, she might be throwing some heavy hints at Valderrama. Last week, when a New Zealand radio station asked if she and the That '70s Show star would be tying the knot soon, like her pal Iggy Azalea, she responded, "I think we will probably wait a little bit longer, but, if he asked tomorrow I would say yes."

This is also right after she posted the sweetest thanks to the actor for teaching her to love her curves.

We're just teasing you back, Dems. By no means do we think every healthy long-term relationship needs to be sealed with a ring or a certificate. If this is all leading up to something, though, consider us ready and armed with squeals of delight.

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