This Kitchen Tool Manages To Make Eggs Gross

Photo: Courtesy
Eggs. The deliciously classic breakfast dish that whether scrambled, fried, or otherwise, is pretty delightfully difficult for even the most novice cook to mess up. Until now.

Enter, the Eggmaster, a vertical grill encases in silicone that the good people over at The Guardian tested out, so you don't have to. (Why try it yourself, when you can be grossed out vicariously without lifting a finger?)

To use the infomercial-ready Eggmaster, which describes itself as "the most versatile egg cooker on the market" and boasts the ability to make an "unlimited" variety of recipes, "simply plug it in, pour your food in the Eggmaster's cooking chamber and your work is done." Unless you count having to eat the finished dish, which rises independently from the top of the Eggmaster device when done in a gravity-defying shape reminiscent of James Cameron's iconic Alien as work, that is.

Pass the salt?

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