These 14 Stars Are Totally Unrecognizable In These Roles

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Maybe it's because of a lot of experience with paparazzi dodging, but certain stars have mad skills when it comes to disappearing on the big screen.

For example: Did you have any idea that Stephen Colbert was in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? Or that Glenn Close played a pirate in Hook? And, don't even get us started on the master shapeshifter of all shape shifters, Tilda Swinton. She somehow manages to headline movies without ever showing her highly recognizable face. (For this, among numerous other reasons, we suspect she may be a wizard.)

Those aren't the only stars hiding in plain sight. Check out all our favorite under-the-radar appearances. Starting with ...
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Yep, believe it or not, this is Tilda Swinton playing a Miranda Priestly-esque editrix in Judd Apatow's Trainwreck.

We definitely did a double take: The aggressive eye makeup and mega tan totally threw us off.
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Remember the pirate who got shoved into a chest with a scorpion during Hook? That was definitely Glenn Close sporting some pretty impressive facial hair.
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Simon Pegg fans know that he stacks his movies with celeb buds. Both Chris Martin and Cate Blanchett have been known to make an appearance in his campy films — as has director Peter Jackson, who played a knife-wielding Santa Claus in Hot Fuzz.

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We're used to Robert Pattinson on dreamboat mode, but he went fairly incognito in a role alongside Nicole Kidman and James Franco for the upcoming biopic, Queen of the Desert.
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The man peeking out from behind a newspaper in Minority Report? That's Cameron Crowe, doing a very good impression of someone totally innocuous.
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Yep, that's Tilda again! This time in The Grand Budapest Hotel: She ages well, don't you think?
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Stephen Colbert showed up as an extra in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug — and while we were thrilled to spot him, we can't help but wish he had a larger role.
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No worries if you didn't get this one on your own — it's hard to recognize anybody wearing a duck suit. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, Seth Green's voice arrived on-screen from this cheeky character.
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Image courtesy of Radius-TWC
Tilda again! This time, she's starring in Snowpiercer, in a creep-tastic part originally written for a man.
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Red Hot Chili Pepper fans, take note: That's your guy Flea, playing a bit part in The Big Lebowski. The dude abides indeed.
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That guy in the middle? That would be George Harrison, alongside his English Monty Python compatriots, in Life of Brian.
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Okay, okay: We know you can tell this is Charlie Sheen. But, for a split second here, the baldness threw you off, right? We know we did a double take when he first reared his shiny head in Being John Malkovich.
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If you love Bob's Burgers, then you'll probably get a kick out of hearing H. Jon Benjamin's voice as the smutty can of vegetables in Wet Hot American Summer. This bit voiceover makes his meteoric rise to cartoon fame all the sweeter.
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Carol Kane has been all over our radar ever since Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt hit the Netflix waves: Here she stars as the craggy old wife of Miracle Max (an almost equally unrecognizable Billy Crystal) in The Princess Bride.
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Image courtesy of The Weinstein Company
If there is any other actress in Hollywood giving Tilda Swinton a run for her shape shifting money, it is Cate Blanchett. Here she stars as a young Bob Dylan in the musical biopic I'm Not There.

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