The Latest Oreo Flavor Is Really Meta

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter.
Team Oreo has been very busy lately. From Oreo Thins to Key Lime Pie flavor to the still elusive Brownie Batter, it’s almost impossible to keep track! Every time we think to ourselves, There couldn’t possibly be another Oreo flavor this week, we are proven wrong yet again. Sure enough, this week an Oreo fan spotted yet another limited-time cookie. But here's where things get weird. Instead of something kooky and unexpected like Key Lime Pie, Oreo made Oreos that are, well, Oreo flavored. (Meta, right?!)

The latest Oreos to hit store shelves are Cookies & Creme. The packaging has a photo of ice cream on it, so maybe it’s supposed to taste like cookies & creme ice cream? But we’re pretty sure the creme is supposed to taste like a mixture of the outer cookies and the classic inner creme, which is theoretically the flavor you should get when you chew a normal Oreo. The best part is, this isn’t the first time the world is being introduced meta Oreos. Cookies & Creme Oreos had their first run a couple of years ago, except back then they were called Cookies n’ Creme. (The Consumerist)

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