17 Of Pop Culture's Most Passionate Fandoms

July 12 marks the airing MTV’s Fandom Awards, wherein awards like “feels freak out of the year” and “fandom of the year” are handed out.

In honor of this momentous occasion, which was hosted at San Diego Comic-Con, we have decided to collect examples of 17 passionate fandoms that rise above others in terms of sheer emotion. Sometimes that emotion doesn’t always manifest itself in a positive way — looking at you, Twihards — but mostly we applauded these fans for their dedication to what they love.

Fandoms come in all shapes and sizes. Some fans are dedicated to a singular pop star. (Don't mess, for instance, with the Beyhive.) Others encompass sprawling pop cultural properties that continue to grow as the years pass. (The Force will once again awaken — see what we did there — for Star Wars fans come December.)

The awards are hosted by Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey, the latter of whom knows something about fans from starring on Teen Wolf. But even when the awards are over, fandoms are forever.

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