This Disney Prince Is Getting A Live-Action Film Of His Very Own

Photo: Courtesy Disney.
Some day your prince will come... to a cinema near you.

Prince Charming is the latest Disney character to get a live-action film treatment, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. Writer Matt Fogel has penned a script which will put the Disney heartthrob front and center. Mandeville Films, which is also working on the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake starring Emma Watson, will help produce the film.

Two big questions linger. Firstly, who could possibly capture the dreaminess of Disney's number-one stud? Richard Madden and Chris Pine took on the roles for Cinderella and Into the Woods, respectively, but are there any other dashing candidates? Eddie Redmayne? Nicholas Hoult? Or, just because, Taylor Kitsch?

Secondly, will this Prince Charming be a one Cinderella kind of guy, or are Snow White and Sleeping Beauty getting some love, too? We're not sure the kiddies (or we) could handle some Big Love-style plot in which PC shacks up with all of his Disney girlfriends. Who's it going to be?


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