Taylor Lautner Has Been Successfully Located

Photo: Joe Pepler/Rex/REX USA.
Every so often, we ask ourselves, "Hey, what's Taylor Lautner up to these days?" Sure, we can check out his IMDb page to find out what he's doing professionally, but what we really want to know is what Taylor Lautner does in his everyday life. What are his hobbies now that he doesn't have to spend all his time packing on muscle to play Jacob in Twilight? Also, where is T. Lauts spending his days now that he's moved out of the dreary forests of Forks, Washington?

Well, Lautner himself was able to provide the answers to those very pressing questions this weekend. The actor was spotted at the Wireless Festival in London. It appears that he's found a new way to pass the time now that he doesn't have to change into a wolf when the moon is full. Lautner walked around the festival wielding quite the impressive telephoto lens. Check it out for yourself.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear for whom Lautner was taking the photos. Perhaps it's just a hobby he's picked up for himself, and he's not transitioning into the next phase of his career: World-famous music photojournalist. Lautner does appear to be steadily working as an actor, though. He's nominated for a Teen Choice Award for his role in the action movie Tracers. He's also filming season three of the British show Cuckoo.

In short, don't worry about Taylor Lautner, everyone. He's alive and well in England. He also has a huge lens. (Just Jared)

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