Katherine Heigl & Alexis Bledel Are Getting Married (In A New Movie)

Jenny's Wedding, in theaters July 31 (and VOD August 1), is remarkable in that it appears to be another sweet rom-com starring Katherine Heigl, only this time she's marrying a woman. Which isn't particularly remarkable at all.

The story is one that may be familiar to a lot of families. A 20 or 30-something relative seemingly can't find love and marriage, but the reality is they're gay and haven't come out yet (they probably have a "roommate.")

The (bitter) sweet laughs in this trailer come from Heigl's family dealing with her coming out, and Heigl wanting the same things her siblings have – a happy and healthy relationship with her family and her partner.

And, let's be honest, this is dream Gilmore Girls meets Grey's Anatomy fan fiction.

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