Even Jennifer Aniston Admits To Being A Kardashian Fan

Jennifer Aniston has been on our radar lately for quite a few reasons: She might be starring in the spin-off of one of our favorite films and, she's madly in love with her fiancé Justin Theroux and isn't afraid to say it. In fact, Aniston isn't afraid to say a lot of things.

We've also recently learned about her very frank opinions on plastic surgery. Now, she's spilled the beans on what she thinks about the Kardashians. Love or hate them, everyone has an opinion about the reality stars, and Aniston's is probably not what you'd expect.

"I sadly am very much interested in the Kardashian-Jenner thing," the Aveeno spokeswoman told People. "That's a guilty pleasure for sure."

Aniston might tune in to KUWTK, but she has a very difficult time embracing one of the biggest mediums for the family's popularity — social media. Aniston, 46, tried Instagram for the first time this May, when she took over her beauty company, Living Proof's account. That experience alone caused the actress to steer clear of Twitter, Snapchat and other platforms.

"I was so stressed out, sweating bullets," she said. "It was too much pressure. For these Kardashians, it's a career!"

It's easy to imagine the amount of stress that can come with being constantly plugged into a device. But for some, like the Kardashians and younger generations, it's simply second nature. Aniston is concerned about the latter.

"Kids aren't speaking to each other anymore," she said. "I was with friends of ours from Vermont and their two kids don't have an iPhone or an iPad. They were nine and 12 and were the most interesting young adults. Seeing other kids on their [phones] all the time, it makes me sad."

We hear you Aniston, just take it in reasonable doses. (People)

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