Ben Geller Makes Ross Proud; Graduates From NYU

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Ben Geller graduated from NYU today with his father (a professor at the university), stepmother Rachel, Aunt Monica, Uncle Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey cheering in the crowd. At least, that's what we imagine happened in our Friends-loving heart of hearts. IRL, the "Ben Geller" that graduated as part of NYU's class of 2015 was actually twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who played the character on Friends. You may also know them as their Disney Channel alter egos, Zack and Cody. They first terrorized the Tipton Hotel on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, then hit the high seas on The Suite Life on Deck.

In 2011, however, Dylan and Cole said goodbye to the Suite Life and hello to college when they enrolled in NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Cole majored in archaeology (which is SO CLOSE to his fictional father's field of paleontology) and the humanities, and Dylan studied video game design.

The two have been chronicling their college careers on Twitter and Instagram and have proudly noted in the past that they're now part of a rare group of former child stars who actually matriculated to — and graduated from — a university. They both graduated with honors, are pretty funny, and have eloquently explained their decision to walk away from Disney.

Dylan and Cole both shared photos from their big day today, which will make you feel both old and proud. Ben Geller graduated, you guys! Luckily, Emma Geller-Green is still only 13 or so. We assume she'll follow in her mother's stylish footsteps and attend FIDM or Parsons.

Smarter better faster stronger. Finished NYU now on to the next

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