Remember Angela Chase's Kid Sister On My So-Called Life? Here She Is Now

Claire Danes is fighting/bedding terrorists on Homeland. Jared Leto won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. A.J. Langer married a British lord. Wilson Cruz and Devon Gummersall pop up on TV every once in a while. As for Lisa Wilhoit, who played Angela Chase's kid sister, Danielle? She totally pulled a Tino.

After My So-Called Life ended its criminally short run in 1995, the child actress went on to star in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves and had roles on shows like The Tom Show, 7th Heaven, and Greek along the way. She also found work as a voice actress, voicing the role of Connie D'Amico and other characters on Family Guy 2000 to 2011. 

It's hard to believe that the girl who played sly, nosy, constantly overlooked Danielle will turn 34 this summer. It's also hard to believe that she could have a little girl of her own. And, yet, according to her Facebook page, that's the case. Here's what Wilhoit looks like now.
Photo: Via Facebook.

The former child star appears to have settled down with a Balinese surf instructor. We'd like to think of Danielle Chase going out the same way. (Side note: She follows Wilson Cruz/Ricky, which is pretty fantastic.)

We know what you're thinking. We overlooked a major MSCL castmember, right? Wrong. Here's your semi-recent photo of one Ms. Devon Odessa, a.k.a. Sharon freaking Cherski, with Gummersall and Cruz. Odessa is now a mom and is still rocking the bangs. Respect. 

Photo: Via Facebook.
Now, does anyone care to join us in a marathon viewing session this weekend?

OPENER IMAGE: Everett Collection/Rex.

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