SNL Spoofs Hillary Clinton’s Announcement: “Buckle Up America!”

With a presidential announcement from Hillary Clinton considered imminent, Saturday Night Live joined in the fun of Hillary-mania last night with a cold open that imagines what it’s like behind-the-scenes at Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters.

The former Secretary of State, played by cast member Kate McKinnon, is shown rather hilariously attempting to record her campaign announcement on a cellphone camera with the help of an advisor played by Vanessa Bayer, who continuously encourages Clinton to appear “softer” on camera after praising her with a delightfully punny “Oh Hillary, you put the ‘Hil’ in “Hilarious.’”

Other go-ahead-and-try-not-to-laugh-out-loud highlights from the segment include Clinton’s vocal warm-up exercises (“First female president, first female president, me me me me me!”) and her initial attempt at accessibly addressing her potential constituents: “CITIZENS! You will elect me! I will be your leader!”

As Hillary-in-the-form-of-Kate-McKinnon moves on to begin discussing women’s rights, her husband Bill Clinton appears, played by Darrell Hammond, to drop his own bon mots: "Hillary would make a great president. And I would make an even better first dude." 

Are you ready for Hillary? You better be, because as McKinnon says, “Buckle up America, because the Clintons are back!” 
Photo: Courtesy Dana Edelson/NBC

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