Ryan Gosling Tweets Eva Mendes Was Just Joking About The Whole Sweatpants Thing

Photo: Dave Allocca/Startraks.
Hey, girl. Ryan Gosling would never suggest that sweatpants aren't a wonderful and comfortable clothing option for everyone — regardless of gender or marital status. And, he would certainly never be in love with/marry/have a genetically superior baby with anyone who thought sweatpants were a surefire boner killer and all-around bad news for anyone in a heteronormative relationship.
Eva Mendes was only joking when she said that sweatpants are the "number one cause of divorce in America." She even took to Instagram to apologize profusely for insulting such a pragmatic piece of clothing, snapping a pic of her very own sweatpants draped on the beautifully tiled floor of the Gosling/Mendes love nest. Of course, she'll now have to apologize to Mario Batali and chefs and toddlers everywhere for slagging Crocs, but such as the hazards of social media.     

Anyway, everyone knows that it's just sensible to take off your pants as soon as you get home; anyone who doesn't put on soft clothes as soon as they enter their inner sanctum is probably a monster. Now would probably be a good time for Mendes to add some sweats to her new fashion line. (Us Weekly)


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