Liam Neeson's Ad For Ireland Is A St. Patrick's Day Antidote

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Plenty of big stars lend their voices to high-paying advertising gigs, but there’s something about Liam Neeson’s ad for tourism in Ireland that makes us feel, well, Taken. It’s only 60 seconds long, but the beautiful overhead shots of Ireland combined with Neeson’s dulcet tones are incredibly persuasive.

“Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, the world goes green,” Neeson intones, “but here in Ireland, every day is bathed in green.” And, not even the kind of green Americans usually associate with Ireland and its most famous holiday, which is to say green beer and Shamrock shakes. “After all, this Emerald Isle is like nowhere else on Earth, where rugged coasts and grassy hills collide, and time can stand still or fly by.” Yep, Ireland and its friendly denizens looks infinitely more more charming than the American ritual of dressing up like a horny leprechaun and pub-crawling until you puke every March 17. Oh, and parades.

It also probably doesn’t hurt that Neeson’s new film Run All Night just came out last week. It’s currently neck and neck with Cinderella at the box office, so this ad is probably just what the movie needs to push it into first place. Nah, not really. Insurgent will probably kick all their butts when it opens Friday. (AdWeek)            


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