This Deleted Titanic Scene Might Just Spoil The Whole Movie

Alright, before you pull the "this isn't new" card, know that we know. Some of us could write a full Titanic-themed Trivial Pursuit game based on our obscene obsession with the James Cameron behemoth. Regardless, a deleted scene — that was, yes, included on the DVD — has resurfaced because the Internet just can't seem to let this movie go. Which is a hell of a lot more than Rose can say. RIP Jack. 
The scene in question is a gem. A truly, awesomely bad gem. Now, we all knew the ship's fate before seeing the movie, and yet Cameron thought he needed a little more cinematic foreshadowing. So, he wrote — and actually filmed — a scene in which Kathy Bates' Molly Brown asks a waiter for more ice with her drink. Meanwhile, an iceberg — the one that's about to sink the unsinkable — passes behind her, unnoticed. Oh, the irony! The tragic, tragic irony!
The upside? Cameron removed the scene from the final movie, which is probably what led to it becoming a blockbuster classic. Good move, my good man. Your public thanks you.

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