Your Horoscope For This Week — Dec 21 2014

Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, stargazers, but this festive week won’t come without its share of intensity. On Tuesday, tough teacher Saturn switches signs, moving into global Sagittarius for three years. This could bring a few slowdowns with travel, especially for guests coming in from other states or countries. We may overdo the truth serum while rocking around the Christmas tree, too. With the moon and Mars in Aquarius on Christmas Eve, we should try to keep our gatherings fun and lively. Get the game room ready or buy a block of tickets to an after-dinner movie. Sunday’s merger of expressive Mercury and intimate Pluto could bring some sultry surprises for Christmas Day.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Are you ready to be stronger, sleeker, smarter, and basically bulletproof? This Tuesday, structure-obsessed Saturn (the solar system’s personal trainer) moves into Sagittarius for three years, sending you to cosmic boot camp. The last time Saturn visited your sign was from November 1985 to November 1988; it's a rare treat indeed. Suit up, Archer, and get ready for basic training. If you want to win the Saturn game, you must be disciplined, restricting yourself from instant gratification in the name of long-term growth. (Think more Shoshanna, less Jessa.) While this won’t be the easiest chapter of your life, you will start to love it when you see results. Saturn wants to upgrade you — starting with your wardrobe. Forever 21 may be your spirit age, but your closet requires more professional, sophisticated pieces — with the exception of the workout gear you’ll be wearing on a regular basis. Don’t worry: Saturn won’t kill you, but it will make you stronger. With this news to digest, you’re probably dreaming of a "light" Christmas — one filled with belly laughs and high entertainment value. Lucky you, Archer: The moon and excitable Mars will stimulate your social networking house, bringing lots of fun activity on Xmas Eve. This flirty, cosmic spell will make you a mistletoe darling. Pucker up and plant yourself under that dangling sprig. Slip out after hours to meet friends for a late movie, drinks at a hotel bar, or tableside karaoke. You need to fill up those fun tanks before diving into Saturn’s prescription after Christmas.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Relax, relate, retreat. This Tuesday, your ruling planet, Saturn, decamps to Sagittarius and your dreamy, enchanted 12th house until December 2017. This three-year cosmic cycle will be far more chill than anything you’ve experienced in years. You’re so used to chasing the dream that this peace will feel downright disconcerting at times. Your directive is to do less. Visualizing what you want is the first step to manifesting it. Here’s the rub: Wanting it is not enough. You must also believe that you can achieve it. Work with coaches, mentors, and therapists if your confidence is at all flagging. Take time off, start a meditation or yoga practice, or make art. The more relaxed you are, the more receptive (and magnetic) you’ll be for the miracles coming your way. Letting go of the past will be a big theme between now and December 2017. Slowly release and mourn that which no longer serves you. You’ll just make way for something better to flow in. Christmas could bring your first opportunity to let it go; if plans don’t flow according to the Gospel Of Capricorn, don’t freak out. Embrace spontaneity and let your hair down instead. Connecting deeply with people through laughter and fun will be far more rewarding than having a perfectly trimmed tree.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
“It’s the good girls who keep diaries,” wrote Aquarius libertine Tallulah Bankhead. “The bad girls never have the time.” This week, your inner rebel is ready to get back down to business — and a flurry of social activity will follow as a result. On Tuesday, big-planner Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your future-forward 11th house for three years, shifting the landscape of your life. Stress and struggle surrounding your career evaporate. You’re ready to do something meaningful, which could involve being an activist, creating a socially responsible business, or launching a unique, profitable website (or YouTube channel). Teamwork makes the dream work, Aquarius. Good thing you have such a strong social network. Just remember that one rotten apple can spoil the barrel. When it comes to the projects you’re most passionate about, keep the weak links off your chain. On Christmas Eve, you'll have the starring role as both the moon and thrillseeker Mars align in your sign. Appoint yourself social director and raise the volume on the festivities. Maybe you’ll challenge relatives to a dance-off or rope them into playing a laugh-inducing round of Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity after dinner. Sneaking off to go sledding after hours should not be ruled out, either. This year, 'tis better to be naughty than nice.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
New Year’s resolutions on your mind? More like life resolutions, Pisces. This Tuesday, success-obsessed Saturn switches signs, moving into Sagittarius and your ambitious 10th house until December 2017. This three-year cosmic phase could bring all your hard work to a stunning new milestone. While this won’t happen overnight (Saturn never brings an easy ride to the top), you’ll begin to groom yourself for that executive title starting now. There will be some tough choices involved — plus a greater need for support staff. Men will be the star players in your meteoric rise. You may need to polish up your professional image a bit, too. Bring on the stylists, branding experts, and career coaches. In between power lunches, start dreaming about a soulful Christmas. Wednesday’s merger of the moon and Mars in your dreamy, healing 12th house could make festivities feel touched by the Sugar Plum Fairy. The spirit of forgiveness is in the air. Let bygones be bygones and hug it out with an estranged friend or relative. Just beware of your sign’s tendency to make too many sacrifices. This is your first opportunity to practice being a leader. Assign duties instead of cooking, cleaning, and coordinating all by your lonesome.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
You’re the most famous reindeer of all this Christmas, as the moon parks alongside your ruling planet, Mars, in your popularity house. Take on the entertainment-director role for all festivities and keep everyone in festive spirits. The challenge: staying in one place for too long. Don’t force it. Keep the sleigh driver (a.k.a. UberX) on speed dial so you can slip off to join friends after the dishes are cleared. Also this week, taskmaster Saturn switches signs, heading into Sagittarius and your ninth house of travel, education, and entrepreneurial ventures for three whole years. Expect to feel major relief in the love department (the last two years have been tough for rams, especially with regards to staying committed to just one person). Now, Saturn puts you to work on self-improvement and global expansion. A few things you might do between now and December 2017: Get more passport stamps through a professional quest, cue up posts for your money-making blog, start that raw juice-delivery business, or go back to school for your PhD.
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A Christmas with all the trimmings is what Taurus craves — especially on Wednesday, Xmas Eve. Make sure the stockings are hung with care, even if everyone around you would rather go out for Chinese food and a movie. Your adherence to protocol will be appreciated — trust that. On Thursday, load up the sleigh and go for a long drive. You could turn into a raging bull if you’re cooped up too long. The second-biggest news of the week (besides Santa’s electric slide down the chimney) is Saturn’s move into Sagittarius and your eighth house of intimacy, seduction, and shared resources. For the past two years, the taskmaster planet sat directly opposite your sun, bringing more than the usual amount of challenges — especially in the partnership department. The heat is off now (audible sigh), and it’s time to do some sorting. Whom do you want in your inner circle over the next three years? Saturn will tour your eighth house until December 2017, so the people you merge with are bound to stick around. Make sure you actually WANT them in your life, up close and personal.
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Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
Are you ready for a real-deal romantic relationship? This Tuesday, wise and mature Saturn moves into Sagittarius for three years, activating your seventh house of commitment. As a Gemini, your eye tends to wander and your desires shift like the wind. But, for the coming three years, Saturn challenges you to stay put and work it out with a partner-in-crime. A business collab could get serious too, so call in the lawyers to draft an official contract. Get ready to find the Dasher to your Dancer — and don’t go dashing off to the North Pole at the first sign of conflict. That said, you might take a spontaneous detour to another zip code on Christmas. With the moon and restless Mars in your travel sector, anywhere but home is where you’ll want to be. If you are tethered to base, play tour guide for out-of-town guests. No one knows the local hotspots better than you, Gem. Christmas Day could bring a sizzling surprise, as flirty Mercury (your ruling planet) syncs up with seductive Pluto. Lock the door, draw the drapes, and have fun, um, unwrapping that gift.
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Quick, Cancer, add this to your holiday wish list: sports bra, 10-class yoga card, and easy-cleanup juicer. This Tuesday, personal-trainer planet Saturn changes signs, moving into Sagittarius and your sixth house of healthy living until December 2017. With this three-year cycle stretching ahead, you’ll need to take ultra-good care of your body. Why not? If you tap its powers, Saturn will help you stay disciplined and get into the best shape of your life. At work, you’ll have some dues to pay in order to make your next climb. Humble thyself and be of service. Your new game plan is to win over the influencers by being the happy helper. Then, they’ll open doors for you. Your Christmas forecast comes with a bonus dollop of seduction, as lusty Mars meets the moon in your erotic eighth house on Xmas Eve. Let your people know: Don’t come a-knocking if the Christmas tree is rocking. Thursday’s meetup of expressive Mercury and seductive Pluto in your relationship house also sets the stage for love — or deep bonding with the favorites in your fam.
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Are you ready for your close-up, Leo? Your role as a public figure, performer, or influencer could truly get serious now. This Tuesday, hardworking Saturn embarks on a three-year tour through Sagittarius and your fifth house of fame, leadership, and romance. Get comfortable just being yourself in the spotlight (channel Leo Cara Delevingne for inspiration) until December 2017. Relationships will go through a “maturing phase” with Saturn here. Your tolerance for the players evaporates; you might even settle down with someone a little older or more established. Learning the difference between love and infatuation will be a big lesson for romance-addict Leos now. Christmas Eve brings a chance to practice; with the moon and Mars in your commitment house, you could give Vixen and Cupid a run for their titles. The difference is that you’ll feel like putting that energy towards someone with staying power. On Christmas Day, be of service to friends and family. Make like a herald angel and be as helpful as you possibly can. Prepare a nourishing breakfast, tidy up, and recycle the wrapping paper and ribbons. Keep your emotional radar on, too. If someone looks sad or lonely, sit down and cheer that person up. Working with powerful women could make you richer over the coming three years, as could a home-based business. Bring on the sister acts.
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Quick adds to that holiday wish list: A Pendleton blanket, Le Creuset roasting pan, and Diptyque candles for your nightstand. This week, your domestic doyenne takes the wheel as structure-hound Saturn decamps to Sagittarius and your fourth house of home and family until December 2017. During this time, you may opt to move in the name of pursuing a career opportunity or living closer to family. Or, you could get serious about saving up to buy your first-ever house or apartment. Your Virgo planning skills will come in handy this week too; heck, they might even save Christmas. Break out the spreadsheet and assign tasks like a four-star general. Giving everyone something to do means getting to the celebratory part faster — plus, you’ll all have a sense of ownership in the festivities. You can finally let your hair down on Thursday — and maybe enjoy some romantic highs, too. With your ruling planet, Mercury, synced up with sexy Pluto on Christmas Day, the mistletoe magic is working in your favor.
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Beyond Santa’s hotly anticipated arrival, there’s something huge to celebrate this week: Your money struggles are easing up, at last. This Tuesday, taskmaster Saturn leaves your financial zone, where it’s been putting you on an extreme budget for the past two years. Now, a lighter cosmic phase emerges. Until December 2017, Saturn will tour Sagittarius and your social, cooperative third house. Partnerships — the platonic variety like BFFs and creative collabs — will emerge as the new path to prosperity. Nothing happens overnight with Saturn in the frame, but start interviewing candidates to play the role of your other half. Working in a dynamic duo will provide your greatest joys — and your biggest struggles — as you learn new ways to share the glory. Got an idea for a blog, book, or documentary? Writing and media projects are favored by Saturn in the third house. You could even develop a workshop to teach people a skill you’ve mastered. As for Christmas Eve, you’re the most festive reindeer of all; with the moon and electrifying Mars in your celebratory fifth house, there’s no better party guest than you. Who needs live entertainment, anyway? You’ll regale everyone with hilarious stories, rope them into drinking games, or push back the sofas for an intergenerational dance party. Christmas Day is a different story. If you sleep through the gift-unwrapping segment of the festivities, so be it. You could be rather moody and sensitive: a surefire sign that you need a little alone time or some heart-to-heart talks.
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You, Scorpio, have much more to celebrate this week than the average holiday reveler. On Tuesday, tough teacher Saturn exits your sign after an ass-kicking tour of Scorpio that started on October 6, 2012. The last two years have basically been cosmic boot camp for you. While you’re stronger, smarter, and faster now, you’d really appreciate a little relief from learning everything the hard way. Rejoice in the comfort and joy the cosmos are bringing. For the next three years, Saturn will tour Sagittarius and your second house of financial foundations (with the exception of one last hurrah in Scorpio from June 14 until September 17, 2015). One word: Monetize. Your mission now is to make some serious bank from all the big lessons you’ve learned since 2012. While you may have some dues left to pay, the path to greater wealth begins now. Christmas Eve could find you content and in the kitchen. With the moon and firecracker Mars in your domestic sector, your culinary creativity will be sparked. Plus, Mars can be a stressmaker; keeping yourself occupied with cooking can spare you the family feuds. Devote Thursday to your closest friends. Socializing with a small group of people — the ones you trust with your sacred secrets — will be your favorite form of holiday cheer.

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