Your Horoscope For This Week — Dec 14 2014

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
This week is going to be INTENSE! On Monday, a clash between possessive Pluto and liberated Uranus could make us all swing between extremes. One minute we’re digging in our red-painted heels, insisting that everything stays the same. The next minute, the revolutionary spirit strikes and we’re rocking the boat so hard it nearly capsizes. The seas won’t be tame this week, at all. But, one thing is certain: There’s no more room to procrastinate when it comes to making change. On Sunday, the sun hunkers down in cool-headed Capricorn for a month. There is also a new moon in Capricorn that day, helping to bring some order to the court. What veered towards destructive earlier in the week could turn proactive and sane as the week wraps. It’s time to talk solutions — ones that we can actually pull off.

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