Watch 14-Year-Old Taylor Swift Awkwardly Sell Smoothies

Remember group projects in middle school? Specifically, the project where we made up a business and create a commercial for it? Saved by the Bell famously did it with Buddy Bands. Despite the somewhat higher production value, the series perfectly captured the awkwardness of everyday teens attempting to sell a product. Taylor Swift nails it even more in this video from her own group project experience.
The commercial is for Paco’s Paradise Smoothies and the premise is tried and true. Two boys enter a run-of-the-mill kitchen, acting beat from a long day at the office. One asks the other if he wants a smoothie, producing a glorious beacon of color in the black-and-white room. They take a sip and are immediately transported to a technicolor tropical island.
Enter Taylor Swift (or "Talyor," as her name is incorrectly listed in the credits), as Island Girl 1. "Would you like a drink from Paco's Tiki Bar?" Swift asks before turning to stare at the camera for the rest of the video. It's no psychotic girlfriend turn in "Blank Space," but she does do her very best Caribbean accent and sell the heck out of that smoothie.
"Put a little paradise into your life," the voice-over says over the sound of waves crashing to the shore. You just did, 14-year-old Taylor Swift. You really just did. (BuzzFeed)

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