Obama Cuddles A Koala, Warms Hearts Worldwide

When in Australia — even for a major international conference like the G20 summit — you must cuddle a koala if offered the chance. Actually, take out Australia and conference. If offered the chance, always cuddle a koala.
First up, the President of the United States and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott enjoyed some quality time with the cute critters, which are local to Australia, of course.
Just look at them! Don't you wish your work meetings involved a koala snuggle sesh?
Unfortunately for the koala bears, the next cuddle party was with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose horrible record on gay civil rights (among other things) seems to make the koala want to escape his grasp. Or does he want to give the other koala a kiss?
But, let's focus on what's important here: fuzzy wuzzy cuddle-loving koalas. They can make almost anyone happy. Except Putin.

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