Hilarious Illustrations Prove That Typos Make Movie Titles Better

Illustration: Courtesy of Austin Light.
Typos happen. Apparently, they happen a lot on Reddit, where posters are maybe so caught up in commenting about the Internet's hidden gems that they just can't be bothered to proofread. Normally, we'd go all grammar dictator on them, but illustrator Austin Light has come up with a better solution.
The artist created a series of illustrations inspired by movie title typos he'd seen on Reddit. Iron Man becomes Ron Man, an action hero flick starring Parks and Recreation's steak-gnawing libertarian, Ron Swanson. E.T. is about a boy who befriends an adorable alien; T. is about a boy who befriends an '80s pop culture icon famed for his catchphrases and excessive jewelry. You get the idea.
The question is, how soon before Hollywood starts turning these typos into actual films? To be honest, Pretty in Punk could be a winner, but Pup Fiction? Sounds like an Air Bud sequel waiting to happen.

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