Your Horoscope For This Week — Oct 26 2014

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You’d better work! And, not in the RuPaul, “sashay, chanté” kinda way. Hard-driving Mars is spending its first full week in Capricorn, the zodiac’s most ambitious sign, which brings us all a lot closer to meeting our 2014 goals. Feeling stressed about those looming, end-of-year deadlines? Thursday’s quarter moon in team-spirited Aquarius reminds us that many hands make light work. Better yet, stargazers: The right hands make work great. Some of us may need to re-cast our dream teams, or at least find a couple more capable recruits. The communal vibes continue on Halloween as the moon lingers in Aquarius. Summon the entourage and give the cast of Rocky Horror a run for its smoky eyes and lace-up bustiers.
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Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
How deep is your love? You’re usually one to give your whole heart, sweet Scorpio. But, with lusty Mars touring your flirtatious third house until December 4, there’s a wandering eye situation going on. Single Scorpios could blaze across the Tinderscape on a voyage of scintillating experimentation. Coupled? Houston, we might have a problem. You’re going to need some serious willpower to make it through the next five weeks without blurring any lines. Jealousy aside, try not to put rules on your relationship that you can’t live up to yourself.

How are the vibes at Chateau Scorpio? Thursday’s quarter moon in your domestic fourth house calls for some reconfiguring. You might swap spaces with your roommate or send that couch-surfer packing so you can have the place to yourself again. Nothing drastic required, but do make your space more comfortable and relaxing. On Halloween, consider hosting a house party and DJ-ing it yourself.
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You are on a tear at work this week as firebrand Mars blazes through Capricorn and your moneymaking second house. You have until December 4 to harness these beams, so strike while the iron is hot. The wild ideas you dreamed up while Mars was in your sign from September 13 to October 26 are ready to be plugged into a plan of action and initiated in real time. Yes, the end of 2014 is going to be mighty busy for you, but your hard work will bring a bounty of feathers for your fedora.

Your friend list could use some refining on Thursday. You only have 24 hours in the day, so tighten up your inner circle to trim out distractions. You don’t need hangers-on cramping your independent style this Halloween. Hit the local scene with a small group, but keep the guest list open. You’ll adopt a few revelers along the way, and maybe even drag them to karaoke or crash somebody’s dance party for hours of good fun.
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You’re off to the races this week, Capricorn, and the pace will be breathtaking. Motivator Mars spends its first full week in your sign, making you a magnet for growth and opportunity. Fasten your seatbelt, because change could come at a manic pace while the red planet holds court in your sign until December 4. Go easy on those macchiatos in the meanwhile. You’ll be cosmically caffeinated, which could interfere with your sleep this week. Thursday’s quarter moon sounds the call for financial planning. Rework your budget so you aren’t burning as fast as you’re earning. Halloween will find you playing the role of the responsible one, so keep your cell phone handy. You could be firing off texts to coordinate your crew as you hop from location to location. Suit up in something decadent — with the moon in your sensual second house, you’ll go insane in any scratchy, confining fabrics. This might be the year to find inspiration in the animal kingdom.
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Momentum-boosting Mars spends its first full week in your 12th house of transitions, giving Aquarians the urge to purge. Let’s face it: You probably won’t be wearing those ruined festival clothes again any time soon. Part ways with the tattered rompers and make space for the new to flow in. This could also be your moment to embrace minimalism as a lifestyle. A quarter moon in Aquarius on Thursday makes you more of a headliner than an opening act. Though you may feel reluctant about taking the stage, focus on the contribution you’re making to others instead of worrying that you might come across as a narcissist. (You won’t.) On Halloween, however, go ahead and show off. This year, the moon will be in your sign, and your wild antics will keep the party going until the break of dawn. The costume you pull together in the 11th hour (think safety pins, duct tape, and hot glue) could be your magnum opus.
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The Pisces dream team is taking shape this week, thanks to action-oriented Mars sprinting through your communal 11th house until December 4. You’ve never cared about being judged by the company you keep. But, consider this: The people surrounding you CAN influence your mood and motivation. Make the go-getters your go-to posse this week. Collaborative projects pick up speed and can make the lot of you famous. On Thursday, you’ll also need to shed some dead weight. While you adore the free-spirited types, their slacking will drag you down. Cut them loose from your projects so they don’t waste another minute of your time. With the moon lingering in your 12th house, Halloween will be nothing short of surreal. Suit up as your favorite fantasy-lit character or the garden variety fairy, complete with sparkly wand and wings.
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With your cosmic ruler Mars blazing through your career zone until December 4, get obsessed with success. No one’s going to climb the ladder for you, obviously, but you’ll rise higher with a little help from your friends. Thursday’s quarter moon helps you assess your network. Do you have enough amigos in high places who can help with your ascent? If not, get your name on the list of elite events where you can rub shoulders with these movers and shakers. Humility required; you may have to start out as the apprentice. In due time, you can take over the department or make like signmate Pharrell and become the sensation Aries were born to be. Halloween’s stars are perfect for a group costume. Scoop up those jumpsuits and recruit some “inmates” for an OITNB crew.
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Motivator Mars shuttles you out of the comfort zone for the next five weeks. You won’t find inspiration in the same old places or among the usual suspects. Trek off to fresh terrain — passport-required locations a plus. If you can’t literally hop a flight between now and December 4, chase down a workshop that could open your mind to new schools of thought. Thursday’s quarter moon gives you a moment to pause and reflect on your career goals. Are you aiming high enough or perhaps overshooting the mark? Make sure your goals are lofty, but not so far out there that you can’t accomplish them in a sane amount of time. You might need to scale back to a Version 1.0 before going full force. With the moon in your eminent 10th house on Halloween, dress as your favorite royal. Anyone from a prego Princess Kate to a Game of Thrones monarch will do.
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With lusty Mars swirling through your seductive eighth house until December 4, you’re an erotic force field. Still, flirt selectively this week. People will easily attach to you now, but you’re not settling for less than the mind-body-soul connection. If you’re already coupled, you’ll need the security of exclusivity and monogamy now. On Thursday, a quarter moon in your travel zone helps you expand your search radius. Stop spinning your wheels; the opportunities you crave are a little further from home than expected this week. You might even take a short trip to seek them out. Don’t rule out the long-distance relationship or telecommuting work arrangement. Speaking of journeys, Halloween’s stars shine brightly for an on-the-road celebration. Drive out of town to check out an elaborate haunted house in the deep country, or take your crew of goblins and vampires to a totally different city.
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This week’s stars won’t settle for less than picante in the relationship department. For one thing, horndog Mars is motoring through your commitment zone until December 4. This makes you crave a deep and abiding connection with someone you also want to rip right out of their J Brands. You’re quite magnetic with Mars here, too, so even if you’ve found The One, you could be fielding offers from interested parties. Happily coupled crabs could swiftly move your relationships to a deeper level. Beyond the immediate gratification of a sexy romp, what DO you want from a partner? Thursday’s quarter moon in your perma-bonding zone will find you thinking that over carefully. Refine your list of must-haves so you can stop wasting time on people who will never truly satisfy you. Tap these sultry vibes for your Halloween costume, too. The skin-to-fabric ratio of your get-up is totally your prerogative.
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Lather, rinse, repeat. As infuriating as it is to do the same thing over and over, you won’t be stuck spinning your wheels this week. Practice makes perfect. With action-oriented Mars in your diligent sixth house, you could gain some serious mastery with this slow and steady approach between now and December 4. Pause to put systems in place before you barrel ahead on a mission. The point of this week is to work smarter, not harder. Relationships come under scrutiny during Thursday’s quarter moon. Are you actually getting your needs met, or faking it because you don’t want to rock the boat? Healthy relationships aren’t conflict-free. It’s how you work through the knots that determines everything. Speaking of which, Halloween’s stars call for a couple's costume. If you don’t have a date, recruit a friend to be half of a gruesome twosome with you.
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Farewell to the fauxmance! Lusty Mars is planted in your passionate fifth house until December 4, making tepid, boring connections simply unacceptable. But, easy there, Virgo: Mars can make you rash. Don’t throw the beloved out with the bathwater — not until you’ve at least tried to reenact a scene or two from Beyoncé’s video album. Getting past a rough spot could require you to get uncomfortably real. Own up to what you need and want instead of expecting your sweetie to be psychic. Stay on your game at work during Thursday’s quarter moon! The devil is in the details that day, and you don’t want to miss a key opportunity to shine. Your diligence will be rewarded, Virgo, even if people find your ways a wee bit, er, competitive. The shiny gold star will be yours. Bring that same fastidiousness to your Halloween get-up. The added touch — like some light-up EL wire or elaborate face makeup — could score you the cash prize in a costume competition.
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Your home is your castle, Libra. With go-getter Mars bursting through your domestic zone until December 4, you could pick up the power drill and paint roller in the name of making it so. Ready to relocate? Surf the listings obsessively; it'll be time to rent the U-Haul before you know it. Thursday’s quarter moon in your romance sector helps you clean house of anyone who you’re just not that into. Better to have no one than the wrong one, Libra. Have you been doing the chasing? This is where you leave them. Save your final rose for the one who appreciates you. A nebulously labeled relationship could stabilize under this quarter moon, so you can ease into the security of a commitment. Halloween’s stars dial up the theatrics. Feel free to take your costume to a ridiculously over-the-top extreme this year. Pile on the sequined layers, glow-in-the-dark accessories, and ginormous wigs— whatever it takes to claim that cash prize.

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