Ellen & Wanda Sykes' New Show Will Leave Scandal In The Dust

Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia de Rossi has an arc on Scandal this season, and Ellen wants in on the high ratings action. She's launching her own series about "two of Washington's biggest power players taking on the toughest cases in town." And, there's a twist. No, no one's sleeping with the president. What's being "handled" on Black & White are puns and "who's on first?" misunderstandings between her and co-star Wanda Sykes .
"When Black is white, and White is black, Black backs White to fight what's right," is the extremely confusing tagline for Black & White. And, when Black gets transferred, she's going to be replaced by Olivia Orange. Meaning: Orange is the new Black.
Although the trailer for the fake show is only two minutes long, DeGeneres and Sykes manage to come up with enough killer black and white puns to sustain a whole series. Well, if they can actually figure out what it is that Black and White do. Are they lawyers? Cops? "Nothing's clear," says ominous voiceover man.
Shonda, watch your ratings. Black & White are coming to fight crime...or something. (Crushable)

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