Nicki Minaj Would Rather Not Make You A Bologna Sandwich

2Photo: Courtesy of Dazed.
The word "bologna" refers to a few different things. You could be talking about the sandwich meat, chock full of mystery. It can also refer to the actual place, Bologna. More commonly, however, bologna is used as a euphemism for bullshit. As in, Nicki Minaj will be having none of your bullshit today. And, if you ask her to make you sandwich, you'll receive it with a smear of realness.
At least that's the subtext of Minaj's feature for Dazed's autumn/winter issue. With that buttoned-up pink suit and coiffed hair, she makes quite the convincing suburban goddess. Except, she's mean-muggin' her way through that cookie-cutter lifestyle — a look the mag calls "the demure fashion obsessive."
3Photo: Courtesy of Dazed.
For those who prefer the more liberated Minaj, the magazine's also prepped a cover featuring the singer poolside — "the provocative pop culture bombshell," according to Dazed.
The issue promises an 18-page photo spread of Her Minajesty, along with quotes about fame and feminism. Minaj's edition hits newsstands September 11. Until then, feel free to hang the suburban Nicki cover on your fridge.

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