Frances Bean Cobain Reached Out To Zelda Williams

frances-zeldaPhotos: Via @alka_seltzer666; Via zeldawilliams.
It's absolutely impossible to fathom the emotions and grief Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda, is experiencing right now. Prior to Monday, his three children mostly stayed out of the spotlight. Case in point: Zelda's Twitter and Instagram profiles were both public, yet went pretty much unnoticed until this week.
Now, Williams' children have been thrust into the public eye. Zelda has been kind enough to include the public in her grief. There was absolutely no need for her to make a statement (the family had already asked for privacy), yet she offered not just one, but two beautiful tributes to her father. Some terrible, negative haters emerged from the woodwork, and now Zelda is taking a break from social media to grieve.
While no one could possibly know exactly how Zelda is processing her father's death, someone who has unfortunately gone through something similar reached out with a heartfelt message.
When Frances Bean Cobain was a toddler, her father, Kurt, committed suicide. The Nirvana frontman's death was a shock and a tragedy and the public was also deeply affected. For her entire life, his daughter has had to share her private sorrow with fans who were moved by the loss of this iconic figure they never actually knew.
Not that any two tragedies are by any means comparable — nor are we trying to compartmentalize Frances and Zelda's experiences, but Cobain's empathetic outreach to Williams is poignant, thoughtful, and heartbreaking. The strength and resilience they have both shown to the public during these dark times is a powerful message to us all.

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