Diane Keaton Wants To Make Out With Ryan Gosling On Broad City

broadcity-keatonPhotos: Lane Savage/Comedy Central; REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Broad City quickly became one of our favorite new shows from the last year, and to make the second season even better, the shows creators and stars are going big. They're also following the new Ryan Murphy route of dreamcasting via Twitter.
In response to Diane Keaton's recent request for more "action-packed kisses" on Twitter, Broad City star and co-creator Abbi Jacobson responded with a simple request.
And, because she's awesome, Diane Keaton responded.
It's a real teaching moment for fans: Don't be afraid to shoot for the stars and go after what you want. Abbi and Ilana want Diane Keaton to be on Broad City. Diane Keaton wants to make out with Ryan Gosling.
We really want to see this happen. Let's retweet these broads' dreams into reality so everyone can win. (Vulture)

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