Kiesza's Nirvana Cover Is Way Better Than You Think

Kiesza is all-in on the '90s, as her nostalgic electro-pop smash "Hideaway" suggests. But, we had no idea just how far her affinity for the suddenly trendy decade stretches.
Until now.
During a recent appearance on NME Basement Sessions, the breakout Canadian singer, dancer, and songwriter covered a major '90s anthem armed with nothing but a guitar and a mic. The song: Nirvana's cascading classic "Heart-Shaped Box." The result: A transfixing showcase for the best vocal control we've seen in some time. If Kiesza ever gets tired of pop-locking through the streets of New York City, we know some good coffee house open mic nights she could totally slay.
We'd also like to personally thank Kiesza for her clear annunciation of Cobain's slurry lyrics. Who knew that "meeedeeeeing orgets phorgets no not just yet" was actually "Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet."
Can she please sing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" next? (Idolator)

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