Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Caught Going At It In A Nightclub

FFN_FLYUK_Rodriguez_Efron_073114_51491779Photo: VEM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES.
Despite snuggling up to Bear Grylls earlier this week on Running Wild, it looks like Zac Efron is going to try to make things work with Michelle Rodriguez. Rumors of their coupledom first surfaced in July when they were spotted kissing on a yacht trip in Sardinia. Like sand through the hourglass, July yacht season in Sardinia has now become August nightclub season in Ibiza (not just for Zac and Michelle, but for all celebrities, apparently), and the Efron/Rodriguez love affair has withstood the test of location change.
On Thursday, the two were spotted making out in a nightclub. Things look pretty hot and heavy, although Zac has a beanie on, so maybe not that hot and heavy? The thought of wearing a knit hat to dance in a steamy club is giving us hot flashes. (That could also be the idea of making out with Zac Efron, though.)
Although this video fulfills all sorts of voyeuristic fantasies, it's also a little depressing. During his bromantic survival weekend with Grylls, Efron opened up about his recent time in rehab. He said he had gotten to the point where he needed a "social lubricant" just to go out in public and that the aggressive paparazzi made him feel trapped. That situation definitely isn't going to improve if he can't even engage in some nightclub nookie without the grainy footage making its way around the Internet.
No matter what, though, Zac Efron's time in Ibiza > Justin Bieber's time in Ibiza. (TMZ)

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