Paramore's Hayley Shares Her Summer Jams — Plus, Win Tickets To See Them!

Photo: Courtesy of Fueled By Ramen.
Forget the '90s; the early '00s are the new throwback era to wholeheartedly embrace. Record label Fueled By Ramen is still producing solid bands, and this summer, two of its biggest acts are joining forces for what's shaping up to be one sick event.
Paramore and Fall Out Boy will be hitting the road for the Monumentour, a two-month-long pop-punk fest filled with neon hair, skinny jeans, and checkered Vans. Monumentour tickets are selling fast, but we teamed up with Paramore to give away two tickets to each show (that's a $150 package for free/zero/zilch/nada). And, to celebrate the sweeps, Paramore's Hayley Williams made a summer playlist filled with an unexpected mix of hazy day jams.
"This is my Melancholy Summer playlist," Williams told Refinery29. "'Cause sometimes summer is about sunburns and rained-out beach days and summer-fling breakups!" Amen, sister.
Monumentour Tour dates and entry details can be found at the end of the slideshow, but before that, let's kick back and turn these tunes up.
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Photo: Courtesy of RCA Records.
Bleachers, "I Wanna Get Better"
Hayley: "Love this song as a sort of anthem for the human condition. But, I love that the lyrics don't settle for brokenness."

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Photo: Courtesy of Violently Happy Records.
Candy Hearts, "Coffee With My Friends"
Hayley: "Candy Hearts have one of my favorite albums of the summer. It's happy, melancholy, sad, and sarcastic all in one...This might be my favorite song off the record."

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Photo: Courtesy of DGC/4AD.
That Dog., "Retreat From The Sun"
Hayley: "That Dog. are just one of my favorite bands to listen to, period. Perfect for the summer. Perfect for any season, really."

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Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records.
Sam Smith, "How Will I Know" (Whitney Houston cover)
Hayley: "I haven't heard anything this sad and this beautiful in a long time."

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Photo: Courtesy of EMI.
Coldplay, "Another's Arms"
Hayley: "This new Coldplay album really got to me. I think 'cause of how public the whole backstory seems...Very inspiring to hear a man sing about his heart in such a present and vulnerable way."

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Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.
Brody Dalle, "Don't Mess With Me"
Hayley: "Brody is one of my all-time favorite ladies. Her new album is so rad, and this is the newest single."

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Photo: Courtesy of UMG Recordings.
The Angels, "My Boyfriend's Back"
Hayley: "It wouldn't be one of my little playlists if it didn't include the Angels. The '60s-girl-group vibe reminds me of the beach, reminds me of youth, and I just never stop loving this song."

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Photo: Courtesy of Hot Green Records.
Hop Along, "Kids on the Boardwalk"
Hayley: "Super nostalgic sounding band...And, I love the singer's voice. Plus, the lyrics 'I wanna love something without it having to need me' are so real!"

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Photo: Courtesy of Full Time Hobby.
Timber Timbre, "Run From Me"
Hayley: "Taylor [York] just showed me this song, and I died over the vocals. So classic and smooth, but yet the lyrics are kind of deranged. I like the idea of telling someone what you love about them, but warning them you could hurt them. Powerful."

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Photo: Courtesy of Kye Kye.
Kye Kye, "Softly"
Hayley: "We just put out an Ain't It Fun remix EP, and there's a Kye Kye remix on there. Such a cool sound, and I love this song."

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Photo: Courtesy of Fueled By Ramen.
Enter for a chance to win two tickets to the Paramore & Fall Out Boy Monumentour in a city near you.

Paramore & Fall Out Boy's Monumentour Tour Dates
July 9 in Indianapolis, IN
July 18 in Washington DC
July 19 in Hershey, PA
July 22 in Raleigh, NC
July 23 in Charlotte, NC
July 25 in West Palm Beach, FL
July 26 in Tampa, FL
July 29 in Virginia Beach, VA
July 30 in Atlanta, GA
August 2 in Austin, TX
August 4 in Corpus Christi, TX
August 5 in Dallas, TX
August 7 in Albuquerque, NM
August 8 in Phoenix, AZ
August 10 in Oklahoma City, OK
August 28 in Minneapolis, MN
August 30 in Toledo, OH
August 31 in Scranton, PA

Good luck!

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