Celebs Unite For A Super-Inspiring PSA Supporting LGBTQ Athletes

As things continue to get better for much of the queer community, the past year has been a particularly important one for LGBTQ athletes. In April 2013, Jason Collins stunned the NBA universe by coming out as gay. Not long after, Olympic diver Tom Daley, college football star Michael Sam, and others followed suit.
On the surface, these extraordinarily high-profile announcements seem to signify a major step forward in a field traditionally associated with homophobia. Still, it's clear that many athletes (particularly Sam) are experiencing career ramifications after deciding to live their lives openly. The success of these talented sports folks may well depend on the support they receive — both from their fellow players and from the public. To that end, YouTube debuted a star-studded PSA this morning celebrating the achievements of Daley, Sam, Collins, and other LGBTQ athletes, while also lauding inclusivity in sports around the world. Titled "#ProudToPlay: Celebrating equality for all athletes," the clip also features cameos by President Obama, Kobe Bryant, Ellen DeGeneres, and Nelson Mandela, to up the inspiration quotient.
The video comes with the World Cup (and then the Olympics) just around the corner — hence appearances by a number of Brazilian athletes, including Neymar and Marta Vieira da Silva. As the world's attention turns to Brazil (a country with a very large, vocal LGBTQ population that continues to advocate for gay rights even while struggling with high rates of hate-related violence), the dialogue around LGBTQ presence in sports — and society — is sure to continue. Here's hoping it's all as cheerful and Katy Perry-flavored as the video above.

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