The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Will Leave You Breathless

If you don't know what Guardians Of The Galaxy is yet, you will as soon as you watch this. After multiple teases, Marvel has finally unleashed a full trailer for the upcoming superhero space opera, and it doesn't disappoint.
Directed by relative newcomer James Gunn, Guardians is the story of a group of intergalactic misfits who must band together to save the galaxy. Leading the pack is Star-Lord, played here by Chris Pratt, who's poised for major movie stardom if this film hits with audiences. Joining the ultra-buff Pratt in his attempt at heroism is Rocket, a trigger happy raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper, Groot, a giant tree-man-thing voiced by Vin Diesel, the seductive assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana), and the muscle-bound Drax the Destroyer (wrestler David Bautista).
If it sounds somewhat out there, well, that's because it is. Now that Marvel has released film and TV versions of its more traditional superhero properties, the studio is expanding its universe by developing the more unconventional material in its endless back catalog. Kudos to the marketing department for embracing the film's weirder edge in the new trailer, rather than trying to sell it as a traditional comic-book movie. We'll have to wait until August to find out if audiences are ready embrace this type of fare. If Guardians does perform, that bodes well for the studio's other upcoming cinematic oddities, including Paul Rudd's Ant-Man. Soon, Marvel will have a superpower of its own: money printing.
Guardians of The Galaxy hits theaters August 1. Check out the trailer below.

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