The 9 Habits Of Healthy Exercisers Will Change How You Work Out

happyexerciseverticalPHOTOGRAPHED BY KAVA GORNA.
We've written before about the sometimes-blurry line that divides careful attention to nutrition and disordered eating. In physical exercise, too, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between commitment and fixation. Extreme behavior – either working out way too little or way too much — isn't healthy for body or mind. To help guide us toward the golden mean, The Huffington Post rounded up the habits of people who have a healthy relationship to exercise.
For one, healthy exercisers can tell the difference between feeling the burn and being in pain. Pain is your body signaling that you're pushing it too far and perhaps risking injury. Challenge is good, but if you're stressing your joints or working out to the point of total fatigue, it's time to reconsider your exercise intensity.
Another habit healthy exercisers share: They do what they enjoy. Forcing yourself into workouts you hate — whether that's barre, or running, or hot yoga — isn't worth it, no matter how many friends tell you that any one method changed their lives. Everyone's got preferences, and mixing up workout styles helps keep your mind and your muscles engaged.
Click through to discover seven more tips that will change the way you see exercise — then put them in practice today. (The Huffington Post)

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