Lorde's Vocal Twin Rings In "Buzzcut Season"

At Refinery29, our ethos of discovery means that we are always keeping our ear to the ground, hoping to unearth the very best new artist or an exciting collaboration from a musician we already know and love. That is to say, we take our music very seriously. We don't put our stamp of approval on anything that we wouldn't load directly into our own iPod (or Spotify, or other various audio devices) first. So, you can trust the excitement we're bubbling over with in sharing a new video for "Buzzcut Season," a Lorde cover, from Nashville's Liza Anne. Here is what you gotta know:
Who? Liza Anne, the Georgia-born, Nashville-raised musician making indie-folk cool again.
How long has she been around? Though she's only 19, Liza Anne has officially been churning out tunes since 2010. Her debut LP, The Colder Months, was released this past February.
What does she sound like? Her and Lorde's vocal chords were cut from the same cloth, but Anne's has — if you can believe it or not — more sensitivity to them.
When should you listen to her? Sunday afternoons, rainy nights, cool mornings; you get the picture.
If this song was added to a soundtrack, it would play: This cover would fit wonderfully in between the Birdy songs on The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack.
In a world gone electronic, it's so incredibly refreshing to hear a young artist whose heart is in singer-songwriter folk music. At just 19, Liza Anne has begun to carve a good chunk of space in the sonic sphere (including a freshly started European tour), with this awesome cover of Lorde's 'Buzzcut Season' cutting deep. I think there's just something about Lorde in general that's inspiring," Anne told Refinery29. "She's so young, so interesting, and her creative choices are very unique. Hearing her album made me want to create things. And, the song "Buzzcut Season" had something that was romanticizing and haunting." Anne's version stays true to the haunting romanticism, perhaps even adding a little more melancholy than the New Zealand chanteuse's did.

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