Help Make Government-Mandated Adult Recess A Reality

recess2Photographed by Cecilie Harris.
Once upon a time, people would actually leave their desks, take an hour for lunch, and even walk around the neighborhood a little bit. Then, the Internet happened. Now, some career paths dictate a 24/7 work lifestyle. Brian Liebman of Mount Kisco, NY is seeking to change all that — with adult recess.
He noticed a demand and interest when he read about New Yorkers paying for recess-style gym classes. As Liebman argues in his petition to the White House, "Relaxation and play are extremely important for the health of every human being. At the moment, health care costs are skyrocketing, and this is a heavy burden on employers large and small." In his opinion, government incentives for company-sponsored recess would offset healthcare plan costs for corporations while simultaneously making employees healthier. Plus, outdoor activities would encourage socializing between coworkers and make for great team building. In Liebman's book (and ours), that's a win-win.
Liebman's official petition for "Universal Recess" has just eight signatures, and he has no participants yet from NYC (a place that arguably needs this program the most). So, check it out and sign up — because the weather is finally nice, and there tons of parks just waiting for you to run amok.

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