How Would YOU Decorate This Blank-Slate NYC Apartment?

Pinterest is often a lot of talk and not too much walk. Clipping rad ideas to execute at some nebulous future date — such a cinch. But, actually cooking all those recipes, copying the street-style looks, and redecorating an apartment from entryway to fire escape? Not. Happening. Translating pins to productivity is harder than it seems.
Well, not so fast. Next week, CB2 is going to take pinning to a much more practical level. It's chosen five designers and stylists who will each decorate a room in an NYC apartment over the course of five days. The twist? Pinterest users across the globe get to puppeteer the whole thing. Each designer will post decor options they want to use in their space, but only the chairs, rugs, vases, and what-have-you with the most likes will actually be selected. Since all the potential props come from the same store, the risk of clashing is pretty low, but we're still curious to see what the country's clickers come up with, and how the designers (including R29 contributor Athena Calderone!) make it work. Watch the promo video below and join in the voting on May 7. When the project's done, you could win $5,000 worth of decor to use, you know, when you get around to it.

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