Ellen Page Went On Ellen, Made Everyone Proud

Months after Ellen Page came out, the X-Men: Days of Future Past star sat down with another Ellen to share the many ways her life has improved since her big announcement.
"I did not anticipate just how happy I would feel in just every aspect of my life, just an ease and a comfort. And, it's really been quite extraordinary to feel the shift," Page tells DeGeneres, no stranger to "releasing shame" and the catharsis of coming out herself.
It was kudos all around, as DeGeneres thanked Page for her thoughtful and brave coming-out speech. "My biggest fear was having a panic attack, quite frankly," Page admits. "But, I was so excited to do it and just so ready to do it."
The TV personality, we're sure, can relate. DeGeneres came out on the cover of Time magazine in 1997. Unfortunately, the media was less than supportive then. Page gave props to the trailblazing talk-show host, telling DeGeneres, "I'm grateful to you, because you did it in a time when it was much harder and much scarier."
The entire interview is certainly worth a watch. The conversation about LGBTQ issues is growing. And, the more people who understand the magnitude of self-acceptance, the better.

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