Cara Delevingne Rejects Nudity, Wants To Be A Role Model

rexusa_1933756dPhoto: PJB/Rex USA.
Cara Delevingne is ready for her close-up. The supermodel has been very open about her desire to transition from the runway to the soundstage, and she's finally getting her chance in the new short film Timeless. But, as she embarks on her acting career, Delevingne says she's been flooded with scripts that require nudity, something that makes the 21-year-old a tad uncomfortable. "If I look at a script and I have to be naked there's just things that I look for that I automatically know if I want to do it or not," she told The Mirror recently. "I have morals that I want to keep."
Delevingne's revelation might confuse some observers, since she's appeared in various states of undress throughout her modeling career. However, in the fashion world, nudity is often seen through an artistic lens, whereas in Hollywood it tends to be a bit more salacious. Not all film nudity is gratuitous though, and Delevingne seems conscious of the fine line. "If you want to work with a good director and be in a good cast but you have to do certain things you don't want to do, do you cross that line or not?" she asked.
Delevingne will have to make these difficult decisions as she establishes herself as an actress. Her acting résumé will get a boost when she stars as a mermaid in the upcoming blockbuster adaptation of Peter Pan. While she'll get to show the world her chops in the film, she won't necessarily be wearing a parka while doing it. And, that's okay. Delevingne's goal to play strong female characters is a noble one, but even strong women get undressed sometimes. (Oh No They Didn't!)

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