Andrew Garfield Is Our Human Of The Week

1andrewmainPhoto: Courtesy Andrew Garfield Instagram.
Here's a moral dilemma for you: Is it possible to worship Emma Stone and still desperately want Andrew Garfield to be your boyfriend, not hers? Just asking for a friend.
Though his "sexist" comments from last week — for which gal pal Stone awesomely called him out — earned him a few eye rolls, the star of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has made his way back into our good graces. He's good like that.
How'd he do it? First, he escorted a bus full of underprivileged youths to the NYC premiere of the new Spidey film. On Friday, he joined director Marc Webb to inspire and read to first-graders at P.S. 93 in the Bronx.
"Spider-Man is not an alien like Superman or a rich bazillionaire like Bruce Wayne; he's a kid and a kid doing his best," the British star told The New York Daily News during his visit. “I think that’s why we all feel like Spider-Man.” Weird. There's a salty discharge leaking out of our eyes.
Garfield later shared a photo of himself teaching kids how to make toys out of recycled materials in conjunction with Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots program (see heartwarming photo below). Stone and co-star Jamie Foxx also participated in the NYC Service event, because y'know, do-gooders like to stick together. (Crushable)

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