Watch DJ Kate Middy Hit The 1s & 2s

Let it be known: Will and Kate are great sports. In fact, we've seen them throw caution — and self-esteem — to the wind in order to try all sorts of new things. Most recently, they even let birds fly straight at their heads, all while keeping a smile on. Now, in a continuation of their Aussie tour, they're DJing Adelaide.
While seeing the sights Down Under, the royal couple visited a community-run music center outside the South Australia capital city. And, as they were poking around the building, they stopped at the DJ booth for a little lesson. One thing led to another, and, well, both royals decided to hop on the turntable. We won't say what resulted was an embarrassing display, but we won't say it wasn't embarrassing, either.
Their turns on the 1s and 2s were definitely endearing, but the whole thing certainly didn't do much to up the royal family's cool factor. The resulting video is more than a little awkward — their attempt to ditch the decorum and cut loose for a second may have backfired slightly. But, points for effort, we suppose?

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