So, This Is What Maleficent Is About...

The mystery surrounding Disney's revamped Sleeping Beauty, aptly named Maleficent, has been rich. The three trailers are spellbinding visual feasts featuring the piercing cheekbones of Angelina Jolie. Then, there's Lana Del Rey's take on "Once Upon A Dream" that, in true Del Rey form, is pretty, macabre, but still mysterious. We know Maleficent once had some wings, but we don't know how or why she lost them.
Disney's just-released featurette seeks to dispel at least a glimmer of its riddle. Here's what we know now: Maleficent is "beautiful," "different," and "not what people expect." Cool, so is life, and that mystery has been nagging philosophers for eons. Elle Fanning says, "It's the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, but with so much more." Okay, girl. We could've gathered that from the three trailers. Then there's the film's screenwriter, who's quick to note this won't be a "retelling," but a "reinvention."
Alright, well, at least we know we're not being fed a live-version of the 1959 classic. Stay tuned for the next installment, where audiences will find out why Maleficent's cheeks are so enviable. Or, wait until May 30, when the movie, and all its mysteries, will be released to the public. (Empire)

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