It's Game Of Thrones Wedding Dress We've All Been Waiting For!

Margaery Tyrell's big day is fast approaching. Like, this Sunday fast. We're kind of Game of Thrones central around here, so we've got your first peek at the wedding dress. Since the future queen of Westeros is marrying a petulant little psychopath, this stunning frock designed by Donna of House Karan, will likely be the only highlight of her day. Well, the dress and the braised boar shank in red-wine reduction that's expected to be served at the reception. Chefs in Westeros are especially known for their braising abilities, FYI. What else can we expect at Sunday's festivities? Well, Tyrion is going to get loaded, Sansa will cry tears of joy, and the whole thing will conclude with a giant, bloody massacre, because in Westeros, that's just how they roll. Check out the dress below, and be sure to click through for more of the beautiful bride to be.
gotweddingPhoto: Courtesy of HBO.
gotwedding1Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

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