Kristen Bell's Live Frozen Performance Is Completely Charming

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Dare we say it, but it may be time to let go of "Let It Go." Frozen's showstopping ballad, sung by Princess Elsa (a.k.a. Idina Menzel, a.k.a. Adele Dazeem) has generated hundreds of YouTube covers, acapella arrangements, and live performances — all sung by superfans and hysterical small children around the globe.
But, now the film's heroine, Princess Anna, voiced by the ever-charming Kristen Bell, has stepped in with her own live performance of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Her character's sister sent a kingdom into an eternal winter, but this performance is covering us not with snow and ice, but with warm fuzzies.
The song is really a heart-wrencher. Little Anna sings it to a locked bedroom door, where teenage Elsa has isolated herself in fear of hurting Anna with her powers. The song grows through time, ending with the adult sisters sitting back-to-back on opposite sides of the door after they've lost their parents.
Bell illustrates this scene by singing each part of the song with a different tone as it moves forward in time. And, it is just delightful. She begins with a sweet, squeaky little voice and ends the song with the crystal-clear resonance that has had us under a spell since the movie's release last November.
Strangely enough, Disney does not seem to want us to build a snowman with Ms. Bell. The Walt Disney Music Company has removed the video from major sites due to copyright issues. So, while it seems fine with giving us access to version after version of "Let It Go," Kirsten Bell's performance has been deemed unfit for public consumption. We're optimistic that it will resurface in some form or another.
If your heart is frozen because you can't watch the K-Bell rendition, perhaps these three covers of "Let It Go" will help tide you over. Hit the next page to watch.
Rock out the kingdom of Arendelle with this metal cover.
It's diva's night with this rendition of "Let It Go." Who sang it best?
It's not as much about the lyrics as it is about the feeling behind this ballad. Maddie and Zoe know how to sing from the heart. And, they really nail those high notes.

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