Twin Peaks: 1 Show, So Many Feelings

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Full disclosure: We love TV. So much so that sometimes we'd rather spend a whole weekend in front of the tube than dancing at da club until 3 a.m. Feeling left out because you canceled cable? No problem! You can get by just fine on Netflix, Hulu, and the myriad other streaming services rapidly taking over the home-entertainment industry (thank you, Internet!).
Some shows are just better when binge-watched. Whether it's the latest BBC comedy, a PBS miniseries from the '70s, or just that cultish show prematurely scrubbed from a network — we're hooked on the stream. So, we're unrolling Staying In(stant), a new feature highlighting the best of streaming content. Each week, we bring you a show we're obsessed with and think you should be, too.
This week? David Lynch’s classic ‘90s drama, Twin Peaks. The series lasted only two seasons before ABC canceled the revolutionary show. But, oh, what an incredible 29 episodes. Forget Breaking Bad. Forget Mad Men. Twin Peaks was good TV before good TV was even a thing. This show has it all: mystery, intrigue, science-fiction, a log lady, high school romance, murder, humor, and a dancing midget who speaks backwards. Oh, and doughnuts and pie and coffee.
So, brew a strong pot of Joe, grab yourself a slice of cherry pie, and get ready to watch one of the best, weirdest, most wonderful TV series to ever air on network television.
Where To Watch:
Netflix — or go old-school and buy the box set. It's worth the investment.
How I Got Hooked:
I liked David Lynch’s movies, and I was curious to watch the series that everyone was still raving about 15 years after its debut. I ordered the pilot from Netflix (this was the dark days before streaming was an option). My husband (then boyfriend) and I were instantly sucked in. What was this weird town of Twin Peaks that Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) stumbled upon? Why does everyone seem to have a creepy dark side? And, who killed Laura Palmer. We had to know.
The first season of Twin Peaks is excellent. The second season is kind of weird and meandering — and sometimes just plain bad (the subplot with James feels tangential and boring). But, hang on ‘til the bitter end, because, wow, does Lynch ever keep things strange and scary for the finale. And, because you’ll still want more once it’s over, be sure to check out Fire Walk With Me, which is technically a prequel but shouldn’t be watched until you finish the series.
Best Episode:
In season one, it’s definitely the pilot. Over 90 minutes, you meet most of the show’s eclectic cast, from Coop and the gang at the sheriff’s office (who doesn’t love Lucy and Deputy Andy — they offer the series some much-needed comic relief) to Audrey, Donna, and James (of course, there are nosy teens trying to solve the murder of their beloved friend — the show has everything else). In season two, it’s all about episode 14 “Lonely Souls.” I won’t go into details because I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s not an understatement to say it’s one of the most incredible (and violent) episodes of TV I’ve ever seen.
Why You’ll Love It:
What’s not to love? This series has it all and more. Plus, there’s a reason it’s a cult classic. Twin Peaks is a rare relic from the early ‘90s that still feels relevant. And, if it had not aired for those two short seasons, we might not have our favorite must-watch TV shows today. I would argue that Walter White would not exist if not for Agent Cooper. So, take a step into the Black Lodge and get ready to lose a weekend in the wilds of Twin Peaks.
The good news? The gum you like is going to come back in style. The better news? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you get to enjoy Twin Peaks for the first time. And, I am very, very jealous.

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