Paris Hilton Releases New Music Video, Reminds Us We're Not Alone

The Simple Life has come and gone, but one thing remains the same: Paris Hilton. Her solidarity is, in a word, endearing. Her poise, pout, and platinum are still stuck in 2003 where the stars themselves are still blind. And now, eight years after her 2006 pop-opus, she's back to remind us to have a good time, because really — we'll never be alone with Paris around. Never.
Her latest sashay in music relevancy promises to "take us to dimensions." Though it's only a minute long, "Never Be Alone" is shaping up to be a magical foray into all things girlie and oh-so-material (those Madonna and Marilyn Monroe cut-ins are rampant). Watch as Paris twirls in chiffon, see her smize into the camera, and ogle that sunburst contraption attached to her torso. We're tickled pink, Paris!
You keep on doing you, girl. Though, if we're being honest, we're waiting for the day the house remix of the Sanasa Song drops. That'll be...dare we say it — hot. (The Cut)

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