Eternal Summers Bring The Sun With "The Drop Beneath"

Winter blues, it's time you met Eternal Summers. This trio has got that NorCal vibe to chill you out while lifting you higher. Their latest album, The Drop Beneath, plays like an ode to the days of cruisin' along the coastline, windows down, one arm hanging out. Life, in their world, is good.
The Drop Beneath doesn't drop until March 4, but we've got the title track for y'all to vibe out to in the meantime. Nicole Yun, Eternal Summers' vocalist, told Refinery29 that "the title track of the album, 'The Drop Beneath' serves as a thesis statement for us as musicians — a call to step out of our own artistic barriers and literally take the plunge." And, plunge it does. The guitar melody floats above a driving bass line and syncs so naturally with Yun's vocals that it feels like we've stumbled upon live jam session rather than a polished track. Which, at the end of it all, is completely refreshing. Here's a band that's in it for the tunes and delivers a solid, yet beautifully rough jam.
Opening Photo: Faith Silva.

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