Nicole Richie & Aaliyah, Wannabe Spice Girls, Own Throwback Thursday

There once was a time where Buffalo platforms roamed the London streets, girl power meant chucking up deuces, and five spices ruled over us all. Yes, dear readers, we're talking about the Spice Girls era, a time where five women, assembled by the industry, brought the chicas to the front and wrote a lil' story from A to Z.
Like the Sex and the City gals, the Spice Girls' personalities were varied enough that friends across the globe could label who's in their respective groups. (This humble author always dreamed of being Baby, but that's a different story altogether.) Now, thanks to the official Twitter profile of the late Aaliyah, we know who played who way back when Nicole Richie was bumpin' elbows with that crowd.
There's nothing else known surrounding this picture other than that it's pure gold. Aaliyah played Sporty, Nicole Richie played Ginger, and Rashida Jones' sister, Kidada, nailed the Posh Spice pose. We're not going to necessarily say this is the #tbt to end all #tbts this Thursday, but it's certainly raking in some serious nostalgia points. Bitty Nicole Richie, the great Aaliyah, and the Spice Girls in one picture? Stop right now. The only thing better than this would be Victoria Beckham retracting her statement against a possible Spice Girls reunion. That, however, might be too much spice for one's life. (BuzzFeed)
AaliyahPhoto: via @AaliyahHaughton.
Opening Photo: REX USA/ITV.

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