Johnny Stimson's "SO. GOOD." Is Much More Than That

Johnny_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Johnny Stimson.
When you're a male pop artist with a pitch-perfect falsetto, the comparisons to, say, Robin Thicke are inevitable. But, when you're a male pop artist with a pitch-perfect falsetto like Johnny Stimson, it's more like Robin Thicke is getting compared to you. (Although, getting compared to Prince would be a dream, something Stimson is on the brink of.)
He blends New York-cool with the kind of intimate sounds you'd find at your favorite piano bar to create an aesthetic unique to himself. His earlier singles "Human Man" and "Daddy's Money" are glittery, blissful tracks that get into your bones and make you get down, but Stimson's latest, "SO. GOOD.," is downright sexy.
"This song is all about that moment when everything seems to slow down, stop, and hang in midair," Stimson told Refinery29. "When you are so infatuated and perfectly in sync with someone else that you are a drop that doesn't want to drip. You just hang there in slow motion, and it's good. So good." Amen to that. Tracks like these fall into two categories: sexy tracks for the after hours and sexy tracks for the day. "SO. GOOD." doesn't fall into either; it, rather, has the same loosening effect morning, noon, or night. And, if this song were to come on at night, well, save the nightcap for another time because Stimson's hypnotic, soulful production and, yes, pitch-perfect falsetto will do the trick.
Plug in and tune out; that's the whole vibe here, and man, does Stimson make it as cool as ever to do.

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