Macaulay Culkin's Pizza-Themed Cover Band Is A Little...Cheesy

pizzabandPhoto: Courtesy of The Pizza Underground.
There's no point in dancing around this one: Macaulay Culkin has a band called The Pizza Underground, and it's a Velvet Underground cover band that revolves around deliciously bad pizza puns. "I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice," "Cheese Days," and "All the Pizza Parties" are a few of the songs they sing. The band rejiggers classics like "Stephanie Says" thusly: "People called and they said 'No mushrooms' / This pie's cold and there's mushrooms / Get them off my pie, get them off my pie."
The band's demo was recorded last month at Culkin's house, with Matt Colbourn on guitar, Phoebe Kreutz on glockenspiel, Deenah Vollmer on pizza box, Austin Kilham on tambourine/vocals, and Culkin on percussion and kazoo, with all members lending their vocals. If you'd like, you can buy the whole album for a dollar. Or you could save that dollar and buy yourself a slice, and listen for free below.

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