This New Series Is A Sci-Fi Nerd's Dream Come True

helixembedPhoto: Courtesy of Syfy.
When it comes to amazing science fiction television, we've been burned. Battlestar Galactica, in particular, is one show that pulled you in so deep, only to hurt you with increasing mediocrity when it was too late to disentangle your heart. This time, though, the aforementioned series' developer Ron Moore may have something worthy of your loyalty and affection: a 13-episode drama series called Helix, set to air on Syfy come January 10. (Yes, that's a Friday. It has to be a Friday, to ensure that the audience will be made up only of the truest of true nerds.)
Following the stories of CDC doctors trying to stop a dangerous pathogen on the loose, the show takes the modern grit of Contagion and mashes it up with the outrageous, unapologetic romp of The Thing. Judging by the trailer, it's decidedly lacking in any Carpenter-ian flair, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And, it dreams big. Apocalyptically big. Check it out over on Entertainment Weekly, and tell us: Would you watch it?

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