Is Victoria's Secret PINK On Its Way Out?

Future (possible) RIP alert: According to research analysts at Jeffries, Victoria's Secret PINK may be losing some major steam. In a customer survey, the line's core audience called its products "overpriced," reporting that they won't buy more of the brand and prefer to shop for loungewear and lingerie at less expensive stores instead. Meanwhile, Google searches for the brand have been trending downward for the past two years, another sign that PINK may be losing the fashion zeitgeist.
Now, that doesn't mean you need to immediately run out and stock up on bedazzled hoodies and the strangely named "cheekster panty." PINK is still doing brisk business, pulling in $1.5 billion in sales last year and accounting for 25% of Victoria’s Secret’s $6.6 billion overall annual revenue. Even so, analysts believe this could be the beginning of a Juicy Couture-like decline. Indeed, the brands are similar in the way they target teens and college-age women with wear-all-day loungewear that seems to be the unofficial uniform of 8 a.m. classes everywhere (also featuring blinged-out booties).
But, while Juicy Couture has recently made some smart pivots — its latest lookbook is chock-full of adorable, non-terrycloth-based fashions — will PINK be able to do the same? Unless they want to go the way of shield shades and trucker caps, they may have to. (Buzzfeed)
Pink LinkoutPhoto: Via PINK.

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