How Many Of These Archaic British Laws Have You Broken?

Confession time: How many of you have had a few too many tipples in the pub? We all have from time to time, right? If that is the case then we're breaking the law as Buzzfeed helpfully revealed yesterday. The website tracked down the British laws that are still on the books and suffice to say, they are a little odd.
The Licensing Act of 1872 forbids us to be intoxicated in the pub or while operating cattle. Sending a letter? Remember to place the stamp the right side up. Any stamp with the Queen's profile on it has to be displayed correctly, anything else is treason. Oh and, don't even think about introducing your pet to the Royal Corgis, it's illegal for commoner pets to get "friendly" with Her Majesty's pups, too. Click through to read the rest of the list and let us know in the comments section below the ones you've inadvertently broken! (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Via Buzzfeed.

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